a tribute to Andrew Peters

I’m writing this in english so everyone can appreciate a man that single-handedly makes the world better… with every punch.

Thank you Andrew Peters, for making hockey the best game on earth!

Here he is smashing some guy into the boards. You won’t see that in football!

Andrew Peters is great because he puts passion into every hit, and for me, that makes him special. Thanks Andrew, keep kicking ass!

Here’s a great Andrew Peters fight reel, the music sucks though (mute it and put some AC/DC on, or something):

Thanks again Andrew!
Keep punching, we’ll keep watching!


Author: Zak

I am a (unemployed) freelance journalist / rockstar, living in Bucharest, with a supernatural entity called kitty. I write things, and when I don't I usually sit in a cafe and recall my part in the Crimean war. I kick ass in the morning and take names in the evening, and sometimes chew bubblegum, but I'm all out of gum now. I am also an international online hockey player, famous argentinian polo champion, and football manager hall of famer. I can fly.

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