nu sunt sigur exact ce e asta, dar o sa vedeti mai multe.

In dark hours
I wake up on your shore,
See me fall
In pretty domino patterns
Or watch me weather the storm.

Don’t let the wind sing
Hear the rain fall on your sand,
Paint the memory it brings
On bleached rocks,
Under brilliant skies.

And as the waves crash into you,
The sunrise is always brighter on his horizon
Let me go;
The light
Only brings back the dark.

Don’t speak

Author: Zak

I am a (unemployed) freelance journalist / rockstar, living in Bucharest, with a supernatural entity called kitty. I write things, and when I don't I usually sit in a cafe and recall my part in the Crimean war. I kick ass in the morning and take names in the evening, and sometimes chew bubblegum, but I'm all out of gum now. I am also an international online hockey player, famous argentinian polo champion, and football manager hall of famer. I can fly.

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