it’s the english again

Continuand seria trupelor englezesti cu accente diferite, mai jos am pus un video de la Arctic Monkeys, o trupa post-punk din Sheffield.

Solistul, Alex Turner, canta cu un accent puternic de Yorkshire, folosind “summat” in loc de “something”, “dun’t” in loc de “don’t”, sau diverse elemente de jargon britanic. Suna foarte “englezesc” per total, si versurile sunt chiar inspirate daca stai sa le asculti.

Nici videoclipul nu e de lepadat, se potriveste foarte bine cu tema cantecului.

Arctic Monkeys – When the sun goes down



Author: Zak

I am a (unemployed) freelance journalist / rockstar, living in Bucharest, with a supernatural entity called kitty. I write things, and when I don't I usually sit in a cafe and recall my part in the Crimean war. I kick ass in the morning and take names in the evening, and sometimes chew bubblegum, but I'm all out of gum now. I am also an international online hockey player, famous argentinian polo champion, and football manager hall of famer. I can fly.

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