the winds of change

over the rainbowRadiohead si-au terminat noul album, si se pregatesc sa-l lanseze pe 10 octombrie.

L-au numit In rainbows, si eu cred ca e o idee minunata. Incepe cu 15 step si se termina cu Videotape, melodie despre care am postat si eu, acum ceva vreme.

Dar lucrul cu adevarat remarcabil e ca puteti sa platiti cat vreti pentru el. Nici macar nu glumesc. Trupa nu mai are contract cu EMI de ceva vreme, asa ca pot sa faca tot ce vor cu muzica lor. Si s-au gandit sa o dea pe gratis.

Lasati-ma sa citez de aici:
“You just pay the band however much you think the downloads are worth and they’ll be happy. But that’s not all (though, that’s what most folks are focused on). Rather than just offering up the content, they’re also trying to give people a reason to actually buy something else. In this case, it’s a “discbox,” which will include the new album on both CD and vinyl, as well as an additional CD of seven extra songs and photos, artwork and lyrics. The whole thing will be packaged in a nice container.”

Practic nu mai vand muzica, ci postere, viniluri, si artwork. Ca sa citez un comentariu la articolul precedent “of the $19.99 you spend for a music CD the band only gets about 72 cents. The rest goes to the record label. So from the perspective of the band, CDs are really only good for publicity. The majority of their money comes from shows, and if they’re really good, endorsements.”

Faceti si voi calculele. As prefera sa le dau celor de la Radiohead 20 de dolari, decat sa dau aceeasi bani unei case de discuri. Adevarul e ca Thom Yorke nu are nevoie de banii mei, sau banii vostrii. A facut destui cu ultimele albume. Thom Yorke si Radiohead fac asta pentru ca pot, si pentru ca vor sa transmita un mesaj.

Acum cateva luni Yorke spunea intr-un interviu ca nu are de gand sa distribuie digital urmatorul album al trupei. Ma bucur ca s-a razgandit. Si ma bucur ca epoca marilor case de discuri se afla la final. Poate intr-o zi o sa pot deschide radioul fara sa aud doar Britney Spears, Akon sau cine stie ce alti figuranti lipsiti de talent.

Radio… Radiohead. Get it?


Author: Zak

I am a (unemployed) freelance journalist / rockstar, living in Bucharest, with a supernatural entity called kitty. I write things, and when I don't I usually sit in a cafe and recall my part in the Crimean war. I kick ass in the morning and take names in the evening, and sometimes chew bubblegum, but I'm all out of gum now. I am also an international online hockey player, famous argentinian polo champion, and football manager hall of famer. I can fly.

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