turning your orbit around

Trebuia sa scriu despre In Rainbows azi, dar mi-am petrecut ziua scriind alta recenzie la o carte care mi-a placut mult. O s-o vedeti maine pe bookblog, si lasam Radiohead pe alta zi.

Pana atunci o sa pun un clip de la alta formatie care imi place foarte mult.

Wilco – Jesus, Etc

Cred ca ala e New York-ul pe fundal. S-ar putea sa ma insel, dar nu conteaza.


Author: Zak

I am a (unemployed) freelance journalist / rockstar, living in Bucharest, with a supernatural entity called kitty. I write things, and when I don't I usually sit in a cafe and recall my part in the Crimean war. I kick ass in the morning and take names in the evening, and sometimes chew bubblegum, but I'm all out of gum now. I am also an international online hockey player, famous argentinian polo champion, and football manager hall of famer. I can fly.

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