Cinematic Link of the Day

A funny and interesting article on Cinema vs. Theatre, Keira Knightley, Elisabeth Moss and The Children’s Hour as a stage play. Check it out here.

[regarding Keira:]

“And it’s not like she even gives much back: she remains, in each fresh hat and background, the same forbidding ice sculpture, so completely mysterious that we know not even what is being concealed: it could be emptiness as much as eternity that she hides from the camera. Her chill perfection seems to feed on cultivated disdain for we who clamour at her plinth. I know many, many people who find her more annoying than anyone this side of Vanessa Redgrave and I have no argument at hand with which to convert them. To paraphrase Ben Hecht’s immortal disclaimer from The Song of Bernadette: To those helpless in her thrall, no explanation is necessary; to those immune, none is possible.”

Hah. Great portrayal 🙂


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