when you’re out for drinkin’

Not sober in Dublin
2007 Whiskey records
5  stars /  5

The most original, innovative, ground-breaking record of the 21st century – Rolling Stone Magazine
A shot of pure rock’n roll, overdosing you intro musical nirvana – All music guide
These guys sold their soul to Satan for guitar-picking prowess, but it was worth it – Pitchfork
You’d have to be deaf not to love the shit out of it – Mozart

old school casseteNot sober in Dublin
(yes, it’s a rock supergroup)

lead vocals/ guitar / getting the chicks – Alin Gogan

lead guitar/ rocking the fuck out/ beer tester – Cristi Mitran

drums – the guy from Blink182

also there – John Lennon

Not sober in Dublin combines the anxious, claustrofobic sound of modern day Bucharest with Irish beer, and the result is a musical masterpiece of epic, godzilla vs japan, proportions. This makes The Beatles sound like fucking amateur night in a Liverpool basement.

Gogan’s insightful lyrics and smooth acoustic guitar combined with Mitran’s post j-rock noise fusion Stratocaster riffs create an entire new direction for what we foolishly called music in the past, not knowing the term’s full potential, like blind men describing rainbows that end in God’s gardens of pure bliss. The guy from Blink182 is decent on the drums, and we don’t know what Lennon is doing here.

After hearing this you’ll want to listen to it forever, or tear out your own ear-drums as to never soil your ears with the garbage today’s music has become.  If you were searching for the meaning of life, look no further.

out soon in a record store (tavern) near you
(not really)


nu sunt sigur exact ce e asta, dar o sa vedeti mai multe.

In dark hours
I wake up on your shore,
See me fall
In pretty domino patterns
Or watch me weather the storm.

Don’t let the wind sing
Hear the rain fall on your sand,
Paint the memory it brings
On bleached rocks,
Under brilliant skies.

And as the waves crash into you,
The sunrise is always brighter on his horizon
Let me go;
The light
Only brings back the dark.

Don’t speak